Our Objectives

1.          To promote and enhance the knowledge, skills and expertise Palliative Nursing through training and development.

2.          To promote the welfare and interest of nurses engaged in Palliative care.

3.          To provide for the delivery and holding of educational activities related to Palliative care.

4.          To liaise and co-operate with other palliative care related organization or authorities.

5.          To discuss and recommend on policies to enhance the right of patients with terminal illness.

6.          To provide professional recommendations to nursing parties to enhance the standard of Palliative care.

7.          To acquire knowledge and skills from overseas experts to develop the local palliative care to an international standard.



Dr. Lai Tze Kwan, Theresa



Ms. Kwan Wai Man, Cecilia

Ms. Yeung Wai Fong, Ellen


Honorary Secretary:

Ms. Lam Chui Yuk, Jade

Ms. Lum Ming Yuet, Annda


Honorary Treasurer:

Ms. Ko Po Shan, Polly

Ms. Man Siu Ling, Elaine



Ms Lucy Chung


Honorary Auditor:

Mr. Jake Leung


Honorary Legal Advisor

Mr. K. Y. Lo


Council Member:

Ms. Chan Chun Hung, Red

Ms. Chan Lai Ngor

Ms. Cheung Ka Ki

Ms. Chiu Pui Chi

Ms. Li Oi Nor, Anna

Ms. Mak Kit Nga

Ms. Pi Sing Sui, Maria

Ms. Szeto Yan

Ms. Tam For Lee, Fanny

Mr. Wong Mak Chiu


Co-op Member:

Ms. Leung Man Wai